Soundproof Curtains – velvet

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Soundproof Curtains – velvet

  • Density 650g / m2
  • Thickness 1.5mm
  • 15-20dB sound absorption
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Soundproof Curtains – velvet

  1. size: 140cm wide
  2. the length you choose.
  3. Price: 39EUR / m,
  4. Price includes curtain sewing.
  5. The width can be increased to any size.
  • Difficult burn
  • Machine washable
  • Gently soft to the touch
  • Made of durable non-stretch fabric
  • Composition 50% PES- 50% cotton
  • Density 650g / m2
  • Width 140cm
  • Abrasion / Martindale Test (EN ISO 1294-2) 90,000
  • Bumping 4-5 (EN ISO 1295-2)
  • Color abrasion resistance (EN ISO 105-B02) 4-5
  • Thickness 1.5mm
  • 15-20dB sound absorption
  • 95% darkening

Velvet acoustic curtains:

Mustang Pattern soundproof Curtain


What is Soundproof Curtains?

Sound absorbing curtains can absorb much of the sound. Not just the popping sound. When the sound passes through the curtain material and is reflected from the window or walls, it also reduces the echo in the room. So we recommend the sound absorbing curtains in plyan rooms, where we want to reduce the reverberation time.

How to calculate the size of sound absorbing curtains:

Width 140cm

The basic width of curtains is easy to calculate. Since the window or the given location must be multiplied by 2. So the surface has to be counted 2x.
Perfect Acoustic Acoustic Curtains will be sewn upon order. Therefore, there is no standard trim size.
If you choose a size, it is important to count 10cm + 3cm round stitching around the cornice.
If you want to sew wider than the standard width of 140cm, you’re fine. The price of the fabric already includes the cost of sewing. But in this case, the width of the curtain is 5 to 5 cm because of the interlocking of the curtains.

Acoustic curtain installation:

There are usually 2 ways to install curtains:
One is the clip-on solution and the other is the threading through the hole. Please let me know in advance.

Material type:

Velvet and Mustang curtains are slightly velvety to the touch.
Due to the silk light, it does not reflect light back into the rooms, so we recommend it to cinema rooms.
With the pre-curtain curtain you can achieve 95% pre-movement.

Material density

Velvet velvet sound absorbing curtain with a density of 650g / m2
1 layer material. up to 15dB-20dB sound absorption can be achieved.

Soundproof curtain result:

Undo echo reduction
Reduction of reflections and phase delays
Clearer speaking voice
A more detailed musical experience

Additional information

Weight 6 kg