Classic 1 Leatherette panels with sound absorbing membranes.

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Ozone disinfection. Virus-free acoustic panels!

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Size: 104x64x11cm

Weight: 10 kg

Size: 130x64x11cm

Weight: 15 kg



-decrease the bass from  30Hz  

The sound absorber panels we developed with  imitation leather, with their perfect bass absorption capability, dampen sound below 600Hz. Due to their double wooden membranes, they prove to be the most effective products at overcoming deeper frequencies.

They destroy deep waves even at 30Hz.


Issues under 60Hz are common, and can be tricky to solve. Usually structural alterations – such as lowering ceilings, or dedicating huge portions of the room to sound absorber are required.

Low frequency control is the foundation of acoustic treatment.
Strong modal frequencies can be the make-or-break of many rooms, often uncontrollable without altering room structure.

Once broadband control is applied and overall decay times are mostly in order, problems can still remain in the lower frequencies.The sound absorber was specially designed for these specific issues.

Our line of  sound absorber provides targeted absorption using a membrane design with an air tight chamber. Think of them like a drum in reverse. When you strike a drum, it makes a sound based on the mass of the head and the size and depth of the drum body. In the Scopus Tuned Bass Trap, the sound strikes the ‘head’ and causes the membrane to move, absorbing the energy based on the mass of the membrane and the depth of the sealed cavity.

Bass Traps work in a desired range, leaving your mid- and high-end frequencies intact instead of deadening a room.

The Sub Trap is a new category of acosutic treatment, targetting the sub-bass frequency range. It boasts the highest absorption coefficient per volume on the market.
It employs Perfect acoustic latest membrane technology – a symbiosis of precision engineering and material science – creating a device that can be precisely calibrate to work at the exact resonant frequency of a space.

sound absorber are commonly used in recording studios, mastering rooms, home theaters and other rooms built to provide a critical listening environment. Here you will find our bass absorbing products like bass traps and corner bass traps, also known as SUB BAS, as well as bass absorbers that have a variety of options for limiting ranges of absorption or targeting specific frequencies and cancelling them. They are a proven, cost-effective solution for recording studios, 2-channel listening rooms, home theaters, and many more applications.

11cm thick panels, the great weight and their size is not important felfúrni or mounted on the wall. Very stable on their feet stop.

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Tömeg 25 kg
Méretek 130 × 65 × 11 cm


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