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Welcome to Perfekt Akusztika


The PERFECT ACOUSTIC is the market leader acoustic company in Hungary for 10 years.

Our company is involved in the production of acoustic panels, diffusers, acoustic measurements, and design, as well as acoustic and air baffle panels for offices, showrooms, and studios. Acoustics are an essential element to get a good sound in any Hi-Fi room or cinema room or production studio. Even high-end amplifiers, speakers, and cables are insufficient in themselves to produce the coveted sound quality. This is where you will find our products really helpful.

Our panels and diffusers are available in different colours and designs. We will find solutions even to the most specific of needs (by means of hidden deep absorber membranes, if need be). As it often happens, especially with ladies, panels are unwelcome in people’s homes; however, no one will object to decorative elements, including ones customized with photos…

We do not use sponge, polystyrol, or xps. These are quite nice to look at, but they are rather poor in terms of efficiency.
We perform tests and measurements on all types of our products (material types) with the aim to eliminate harmful sound waves as efficiently as possible.

Your listening environment influences every decision you make about recording and mixing, from how much low end the kick drum needs to how loud the tambourine should be in the chorus. Sadly, many people ignore this fact of life:the room is the most important component in the monitoring chain.

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